Teenagers designing the apps of the future

Justinmind proudly sponsors Fox Design Challenge 2014

The Fox Design Challenge in Philadelphia, PA is an annual design and innovation student competition organized by the Center for Design + Innovation with the University of the Arts and the Temple Apps&Maps Studios.

This was Justinmind’s first year as sponsor of the Fox Design Challenge. The event aims at tackling urban challenges through technology and civic engagement. Last month, along with the collaboration of the Mayor´s Office of New Urban Mechanics and Keep Philadelphia Beautiful; Justinmind and other sponsors welcomed more than 170 students from 5 different universities and 5 Philadelphia high schools to celebrate the challenge´s fourth edition at Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

The 2014 challenge theme: “Talking Trash: Litter and trash abatement” encouraged students to identify littering problems and create innovative solutions that could potentially work towards solving the “waste” problem in the city of Philadelphia. Participation was exceeded as the challenge registered the largest number of participants since its first edition.

Reward for participation included cash for 1st and 2nd place winners; and the first prize also included a Justinmind perpetual license for each of the winning team members.

Amazingly enough, the winning team´s project featured an app prototyped with Justinmind software:

“Waste Warriors is a game, an app and a data collector designed to empower citizens, beginning with young adults, to take ownership over the cleanliness of their neighborhoods. The app features a social media-type photo stream, where users gain points for posting photos and videos of themselves and peers cleaning up litter around Philadelphia. The posts are tracked on an interactive live visual map, storing data that city employees may use to inform re-allocation of funding and resources to specific problem trash areas.”

First prize winner, Team #5, included four Temple University students, one university student from SUNY IT and one from U Arts and last but not least a high school student from the Mastery Charter High School. Such diversity demonstrates that Justinmind is an accessible and easy-to-use tool for a wide range of ages as well as for people from different disciplines. Moreover, we are really proud that our Prototyper is being used as a means to bring meaningful and innovative ideas to live.

You can also read a similar article in Temple University’s blog here: http://www.fox.temple.edu/posts/2014/02/high-school-college-students-talk-trash-fox-design-challenge-litter-abatement/

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Prototype Google Glass applications

In this article we will describe how to prototype applications for Google Glass with Justinmind and how to run them inside a real Google Glass device.

Think you have the perfect idea of a Google Glass app, but don’t have the high-tech specs (or perhaps the technical expertise) to make it happen? Now you can create your own Glass apps without having Glass or any coding experience.

Installing the tools

  • First you need Justinmind Prototyper Pro (try it 30 days for free) and the library (you can download the library from the ‘widget libraries‘ section).
  • Include the library into your Justinmind using the menu option ‘Widget libraries -> Import widget library’, you will find your new widgets in the ‘My Widgets’ tab. (if you don’t know how to import libraries, check this tutorial out)

Building a prototype

Then you can start building your prototype, you can draw a card for each screen or you can use the dynamic panels to design transition effects inside the same screen. If you plan to show the prototype always in a computer, you can drag the widget called ‘Canvas’ into the default template and place the cards on each screen. You can also use the ‘gestures’ widgets included in the library to make the prototype more self explanatory.

You can download an example of a prototype make like that here.

Displaying your mockups inside Google Glass

If you want to run your prototype inside a real Google Glass device, you have to do the things in a slightly different way. Don’t use the ‘canvas’ widget but the cards right away. Once you have a card you can see it inside your Google Glass by following these steps (tip: paint the background of your screens in black, they will look better when displayed in Glass):

  1. Go to the menu option ‘Simulate -> simulation settings..’ and type ’70%’ in the ‘scale’ property (for some reason the browser include in Glass zooms in a bit any web displayed in it). That way your prototype will fit into Glass perfectly.
  2. Select the option ‘Publish online’ and publish your prototype.
  3. On Usernote, invite yourself as a reviewer of that prototype with the email account you have on your Glass.
  4. You will receive an email on your glass with a link, open it
  5. You’ll see your screen inside Glass in all its glory

Running interactive prototypes inside Google Glass

Ok, now you know how to display static mockups inside Glass but, what about interactive prototypes? Glass use it’s internet browser to display the prototypes. That browser captures all the user gestures, so no gesture define on the prototype will work. But don’t worry, there is one event that do work: on page load. With that event you can at least create a ‘demo like’ prototype with all the effects and interactions you want. Think your prototype as a ‘video’ showing how your application will work.

Just define ‘on page load’ events and all the actions from page to page. Once you have your prototype with all the events, select the option ‘Publish -> Replace prototype’ and re-publish your prototype again. You’ll receive another email in your Glass with a link, open it and enjoy your demo.

You can download an example prototype from here.

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New update: Justinmind 5.6

What started as just an update to fix some bugs has become a new amazing version of Justinmind with lots of new features and usability improvements.

Try our new iOS7 emulators, the great Android KitKat library or the new Google Fonts integration. Or check the entire list of changes just below these lines.


This is the entire list of features and bug fixes included in this update:

iOS7 emulators and libraries for iPhone and iPad

Android KitKat library and templates

Font family selector: now you can select any modificator for a given font family, such as Helvetica Ultralight for instance.

Embed Google Fonts: an integration with Google Fonts allows you to use any of those fonts in your prototypes. Those fonts will be embedded in your prototype and your widgets so anyone who you share your prototype with, even if he doesn’t have that font, will see your prototype with the font you selected.

Drop shadows: now you can add shadows to texts and shapes. You can even use them to design halo effects on your widgets.

Swipe, pinch and rotate gestures now work even if there are elements above the ones that have those events defined. So, you can define them at the background of any container and place anything you want inside.

Improvements in groups: now it’s easier to work with groups, you can move the elements inside a group using the arrow keys and you can place widgets in and out of a group using the outline.

Improvements in copy and paste: right click (or cmd click) and paste will leave the element just below the cursor, multi selection copy and paste will keep the events.

Move and resize now have easing (animation) effects

Set focus and scroll to: the set focus action now just activates an input. A new action is now available, the scroll to action, that also includes animation effects.

Site map: now the site maps shows always expanded and includes options to save the site map as an image.

New function ‘Filter distinct’, like the ‘Filter’ one but without repetitions

Rounded corners in input fields, select lists and images

Publishers in Usernote can also share libraries

Scale simulation: configure the zoom level of the contents in the simulation

Easier to make a prototype in Usernote public or private

Redesign of the simulation and the comments system in Usernote

Chrome extension to be able to simulate using Google Chrome

Reports menu changed by the option File – Export to doc

Actions in Scenarios now allow more than one arrow

The expression builder dialog now keeps the size of the last time it was opened

Google Analytics integration fixed

Some memory leaks fixed

Many bugs fixed.

Wow! You really got this far reading? Good for you!

As you see we’ve been quite busy. But we’d love to hear your thoughts about these changes. So, give Justinmind 5.6 a try and tell us!

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Justinmind at Google Glass San Francisco

Last Monday we had the privilege of attending to the first Google Glass Hackathon in the lovely city of San Francisco. 40 developer teams showcased their apps for the new revolution of mobile devices, the really cool Google Glass. Justinmind was invited as the first high fidelity prototyping tool for Glassware (Google Glass software, that’s how they call it, cool isn’t it?).

The new widget library for Google Glass is in beta yet and it will be launch along with the new 5.6 version coming in a few weeks. If you’re a developer of Google Glass and you want to test it before anyone else, drop us a line here http://www.justinmind.com/contact

Here is the full presentation of that awesome library we’re building.

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iOS7 in a prototype

Hi to all Justinminders,

We like to be up to date to the latest news in the mobile development world, so we’ve already took a good look at the new iOS7 beta. For those of you who can’t test it, we’ve created this prototype (it’s made using Justinmind) so you can taste a bit of what iOS7 feels like.

If you have an iPhone 5, you can test this prototype by scanning this bar code with your phone. If you want to test it with your computer, just try the demo below these lines.

iOS7 Demo

We got inspired by this other post http://recombu.com/mobile/interactive/ios7-demo/

Download this prototyping platform for free and prototype your own apps for iOS7 right now! You just need to download this widget library and import it into your Justinmind installation.

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New version: Justinmind 5.5

Several months passed since the last update and we’ve been really busy in Justinmind’s office. What for? Well, we put ourselves two massive challenges in front of us: fumigate Prototyper until it’s free of bugs and make the best prototyping tool for mobile applications ever. We believe we’ve accomplished both. Welcome to…

Justinmind 5.5 (Prototyper+Usernote)


This is the entire list of features and bug fixes included in this update:

Responsive and adaptive design simulation

Emulators for iPhone, iPad and a custom emulator for any other device

New widgets: Triangle, Ellipse, Callout and arrow. They turn into vectorial graphics in simulation

Rotate texts, shapes and images, even from events

Redesign of the Events tab now allows to copy and paste all the events from one widget to another

Link images with image files in the file system. So any time the image file changes, the one in Prototyper is updated automatically

A new wizard dialog to configure the type of prototype you’re about to make

Several ways to start a prototype from: empty, image files, example or another vp file

The input select list splits into two widgets: select list (which is simulated as a native select list) and custom select list

Option ‘Unlock all’ for prototypes in teamwork

Now Prototyper supports multiple Usernote accounts

Prototyper supports Retina displays in version for Mac

Multi-device simulation

Keyboard shortcuts in contextual menus

A consolidated Image menu and toolbar with new options: flip horizontally/vertically

Smoother rounded borders and gradients in simulation

Create a public link option in Usernote

Reviewers can set their full name before reviewing a prototype

A link to a mobile prototype adapts to the type of display: if computer, an emulator is displayed, if a mobile or tablet, the prototype adapts itself to the device

The tutorials section of the web site now is full of new and renewed tutorials

Masters let events to go through them. Also, all these bugs in Masters have been fixed:





Easier to set the values of a selection input

Multiselection options in contextual menu

Error messages in events dialog more understandable

Events dialog keeps the size of the last time it was opened

Cmd + and cmd – keyboard shortcuts for zooming in version for Mac

Scroll + gestures now work

Plugins now work also in version for Mac

All also, all these bugs reported by users in our community support portal:
Version for Mac crashed when you close it to quickly and never run again. This has been fixed.

















Wow! You really got this far reading? Good for you!

As you see we’ve been quite busy. But we’d love to hear your thoughts about these changes. So, give Justinmind 5.5 a try and tell us!

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The power of Justinmind URL Widget + Google Drive



With Google Drive, you can create spreadsheets, documents, presentations and drawings that you can share with others. The URL widget in Justinmind Prototoyer, lets you add a live view of your docs which can be edited in real time! (if the user has editing permissions).

Just follow these easy steps:

1.    Create your doc in Google Drive and get the link to share.
2.    Shorten your link here: http://goo.gl/,  or by using any other URL shortener https://bitly.com/
3.    Insert a URL widget in Prototyper with the shortened link

Check out and view this prototype that explains how these docs can be visualized. Or download it here! Share it on your laptop or tablet using this link: http://jimp.co/XHyAPE

Try adding your own stuff using the URL Widget and the HTML Widget. Your prototypes can embed Videos, Google Maps, Forms,… whatever you want!

Bonus: view and download this other prototype that shows you a lot of great examples about what you can embed in a prototype. Share it: http://jimp.co/YEs6nj

Happy Prototyping!

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Developing while taking care of design

Hey devs! We have a question for you: When does design come into the picture when developing an app?
We believe this question is worth some time and consideration, and we hope this post will help you out in finding the right answer.

Several factors interfere with your application performance, such as interactivity, connectivity, relevance for the public target and graphics. It also depends on a whole bunch of features, market considerations and deep knowledge of the final user. Put that into a basket and make it work, make it user-friendly and now, more than ever, make it look good. Design can be a powerful differentiator in your app.

Ok, so you are a “form follows function” kind of developer. Well, that does not mean that your design should be crappy. Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright buildings are pure beauty while functional at the same time.

Maybe for some of you it is difficult to start thinking about design early on in the project. You can beat this shortcoming, here is how: Include design elements in your prototype, see what works and toss away the rest.

Take a look at our Justinmind Prototyper, and see for yourself. Our feature includes style guides and tools that will guide you in the creative process. With our design utilities you can edit images, with functions like cropping, rounding off corners or applying color gradients. It is also compatible with other design tools like Photoshop, and you can add interactivity to your static images with our image map component.

Have you find the answer to the question we started off? We hope so.

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UX Masterclass Conference

Justinmind confirms its commitment with the UX community again by sponsoring the UX Masterclass conference. We believe any effort to create a more usable world is worth of our support, and so it’s this awesome conference!

For that, we will give 10 perpetual licenses of Justinmind Prototyper for free in the conference. Don’t miss it!


About UX Masterclass Conference

More than 28 UX professionals coming from 24 different countries will share their case studies and their most challenging UX global projects with the people at the conference. The Uxalliance (international network of the 25 world leader usability and user experience companies) Xperience Consulting and Userzoom bring the opportunity to share and discuss UX practices and tendencies to improve digital services and products.

Usability and user experience professionals, developers, designers, SEO experts, marketing specialists, project managers and those committed to create usable products and services are encouraged to attend the event.

Read all about this conference here.

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Get Justinmind from $19/month!

The most powerful prototyping platform ever now becomes also affordable. Now you can have all the features of Justinmind Prototyper Pro and our cloud collaboration services by either an annual or a monthly fee. Take a look at our subscription plans, we’re sure you’ll find the one that suits your needs.

Subscription editions of Justinmind Prototyper are just like regular Justinmind Prototyper licenses, they are installed on your computer and provide all the same features and functionality. You can choose between two plans.

Month-to-month plan ($29/month)
The month-to-month plan provides the flexibility of a short-term commitment, allowing you to end your subscription at any time. This is the ideal plan for freelancers and owners of small businesses who need to accommodate for temporary staffing and require software on an as-needed basis.

One-year plan ($19/month pre paid annually)
The one-year plan offers a great discount on the monthly plan and is pre paid annually. This is the ideal plan for any customer who plan to use Justinmind along the year.

Unlimited Prototypes and Users
What happens if I already have Justinmind? If that’s your case we have good news for you. We removed the limits of prototypes and users, so now you have unlimited users and prototypes in any Usernote account! And one more thing, Usernote is free for everyone! Yes, even for the users of Prototyper Free. And even another gift for our beloved users. If you had a Usernote Plus plan, now you also can enjoy Prototyper Pro without additional charges! Check your account settings to get your key for Prototyper Pro.

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